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Asset Protection


You stand out from the crowd and look like an proactive, helpful practice that cares about their clients future development. This will help you to retain clients and encourage them to refer other clients to you.

Asset Registry

Companies can sometimes fall into difficulty even through no fault of their own. Even with the directors being protected through limited liability, the company itself can still be subject to charges and even the forfeiting of assets.

By registering your assets, we can ring-fence the assets of your business by transferring them to an asset holding company before being leased back to the trading company. As we carry out the audit of the assets you require, it uniquely identifies them all by a bar coded asset tag.

Once this is all completed, we simply compile the asset registry list on our secure cloud based asset register. This can be viewed by yourself through your own personal login which allows you to show proof of ownership where necessary. Asset Protection

Key benefits

  • Assets are protected from creditors, bailiffs, employee claims etc.
  • Brand can be retained
  • All equipment & vehicles can be retained
  • Retention of intellectual property

They get the peace of mind with the reduced risk exposure to be able to carry on building worry free.

What items can be protected under the asset register

Almost anything can be included for which you consider an asset. Not only vehicles, properties and different office furniture can be included but domain names and branded can be secured so there is no need to worry about losing your image rights or built up brand.

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Our direct filing system with companies house means that most companies are formed within 24 hours.

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